About us


Electronic Express Limited was incorporated in May 1985. EEL specialises in the manufacturing of electronic and plastic products to our local and oversea clients. we provide bespoke eletronics design services as well as mould making for plastic injection. With our team of engineers from a variety of disciplines, we aim to secure customer orders and implement advanced OEM projects. EEL is second to none when it comes to service quality, it is our goal and priority to ensure that our client's OEM projects are implemented as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Most of our clients are corporate or government backed research and development companies situated mostly in Europe and in the US. At the development stage our clients approach us for advice and design input on potential products. When our clients are completely satisfied with a design, we then move on to develop a prototype using the spiral methodology. When everything is complete and our clients are ready to mass produce their products, EEL will then prodcuce according to requirements and will co-operate with clients to manage appropriate logistical arrangements.

Electronic Express Limited has been operating for over 35 years, during this time we have gained the trust of many clients and partners. Our clients value our trust, flexibility, communication, capability and experience in the electronics field. It is our company philosophy and mission to provide expert R & D solutions with budgetary manufacturing facilities for all of our customers.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and discuss with us any potential projects you would like to develop.